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  • By Ruth Evans (with additional research by Charles Worsley)

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by Lawrence Watt-Evans

In the summer of 2011 I received a few e-mail queries about where certain of my short stories could be found, and I realized that I could make pretty much any short story of mine available as an e-book. I quickly whipped up covers for the requested titles, and here they are. In most cases, each story is 99 cents and available from Amazon for the Kindle, and from Barnes & Noble as a NookBook. If you want another format for any of these, or for that matter, if there's another story you'd like made available, e-mail me, and I'll take it under consideration. Yes, a disproportionate number of those are horror, because that's what I was asked for.
Dead Things Don't Move
Two thieves think they've found easy prey when they discover a houseful of valuable antiques. All they need to do is kill the owner -- and make sure she stays dead.

Heart of Stone
When the townspeople hauled the wizard off to be hanged, they left his creation living in the walls of his home.

Hearts and Flowers
In a future where personal neurochemistry is carefully controlled two entrepreneurs reintroduce wild romance, only to find their new fad has results they didn't anticipate.

Five office workers on their lunch break find themselves caught up in a mysterious parade through the city streets.

A businessman remembers the incident that gave him his edge.

The Ghost Taker
On a distant planet, a traditional priest learns that the visiting Earthmen have cast doubts on his faith's teachings.

Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers
A young man in West Virginia discovers that strange things happen at the local burger joint late at night.

A Flying Saucer with Minnesota Plates
Another incident at Harry's All-Night Hamburgers.

Jim Tuckerman's Angel
A man goes in search of the angels he knows must be somewhere in the world.

Best Present Ever! cover image
This story was our Christmas card for 2011.

The Abduction of Ebenezer Scrooge cover image
This story was our Christmas card for 2015.

Special Editions:

The Vondish Ambassador limited edition

The Vondish Ambassador

by Lawrence Watt-Evans

Printed with the cooperation of Wildside Press when their edition was delayed and I needed copies to send to the fine folks who had supported the serial version of the story, this trade paperback was the first edition of this Ethshar novel. Only four hundred copies were printed -- which turned out to be more than I needed, and I still have a few left for sale at $25.00 apiece, domestic shipping included. Every copy comes with an inserted 8.5" x 11" map of the Vondish Empire.
      These are available online only directly from Misenchanted Press!
     Cover art by Kyrith Evans

  • The Vondish Ambassador
  •      Misenchanted Press
  •      limited-edition softcover, 2008
  •      $25.00


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