The Raven Coronet

The Raven Coronet

by Christina Briley

The first novel by a talented writer who had previously published only short stories.
      Love, magic, and a traveling circus!
      A fantasy novel in the sword & sorceress genre.
      Here are a few comments from editors:
  • "Interesting characters and intriguing situations"
  • "sexy and sweet"
  • "I chuckled every time Marlon appeared"
  • "...terribly disappointed when the book ended and there wasn't any more of it to read."

     Even the youngest child in the United Lands knew the legend of the Raven Coronet -- the crown of charisma that had united the world under one ruler. But no one believed it still existed.
     Or almost no one.
     Young Thaedra's difficult childhood becomes an even more trying womanhood when her stepfather marries her off as part of a scheme to obtain the storied artifact. She struggles to find her own path -- but that path seems inextricably tangled with the search for the Raven Coronet.
     Most people think the Coronet is a fairy tale.
     Some fairy tales are best forgotten...

      The trade paperback is $18.95.
      The Kindle edition is $3.99.
      The Barnes & Noble ebook edition and Smashwords ebook are also $3.99.
      The trade paperback is also available from Barnes & Noble, and it can be special ordered by traditional outlets -- the ISBN is 978-1619910225.

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