Warp Angel

Warp Angel

by Stuart Hopen

A wildly inventive science fiction novel, originally published by Tor in 1995, long out of print, and now back, from Misenchanted Press, in a newly revised and expanded edition.
      Interstellar flight has been outlawed -- the great warpships that traveled between systems were found to be damaging the very fabric of the universe.
     Isolated by the ban, the Draconian system has become decadent, strange -- and foul. Dominated by corporate guilds called "bods," Draconian society has built its economy on slavery and assassination.
     A former assassin, Magen, has rebelled. When her husband is taken by slavers, she sets out to do whatever it takes to get him back -- even if it means destroying the entire Draconian civilization!

    Critical response to Warp Angel:

  • "A non-stop ride through a faster than light funhouse."
                    -- Eluki Bes-Shahar

  • "a swift moving imaginative debut..."
                    -- Kirkus

  • "Combining elements of space opera, action adventure, and hard sf, this tightly crafted story of revenge and redemption is a good choice for large libraries."
                    -- Library Journal

  • "Hopen skillfully combines elements of space opera, cleverly drawn battle scenes, and metaphysical speculations on the power of faith -- all without pausing a single step in a storyline of unrelenting action."
                    -- Booklist

  • "...the book can be enjoyed for its philosophy or its physics, or even its great physical descriptions...."
                    -- Locus

  • "Warp Angel is continually surprising; Hopen's imagination is staggering. This is a book most people will enjoy, and no one can ignore."
                    -- Shariann N. Lewitt

  • "A crazy space opera with a serious core."
                    -- Wilhelmina Baird

  • "...a tour-de-force... At every turn there are new wonders, fresh imagination and enough action to please the most pulpish reader. Hopen reveals himself to be a subtle and impressive thinker, as well as an inventive and enjoyable yarn spinner."
                    -- The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

  • "A gonzo ride through the assorted planets of a baroque solar system... filled with well realized exotic characters and crazed cultural details... It's easy to imagine [Hopen] evolving into a major talent."
                    -- Norman Spinrad


You can learn more about the book's history here.

      The trade paperback edition is $18.95 and is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and it can be special ordered by traditional outlets -- the ISBN is 978-1619910232.
     The rack-sized paperback is $10.95 and only available from Lulu.
     The Kindle edition is $2.99.
     The Barnes & Noble ebook edition and Smashwords edition are also $2.99.